Horse Health One-Step Leather Press Release

May 16, 2013 Off By Roberta Johnston




Introducing NEW One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner from Horse Health™ Products


Don’t have time to spend hours cleaning and conditioning leather tack on a regular basis . . . but want the same results?  One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner from Horse Health™ Products saves time and money, and eliminates the hassle of having to use multiple products. 

      “Leather tack is a big financial investment, and it can become damaged from the dirt and sweat that accumulates when riding,” said Alyssa Barngrover, brand manager, Horse Health Products.  “Cleaning and conditioning tack on a regular basis is the best way to protect and prolong the life of leather and the One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner allows horse owners to ensure the integrity of their tack so that it’s comfortable and dependable for them and their horse.”

      This new all-in-one leather product simultaneously cleans and conditions leather tack, removing embedded dirt, sweat and grime.  Its unique avocado oil-based formula deep conditions to keep leather soft and pliable, protects against drying and cracking, restores elasticity to worn leather and helps break-in new leather. 

      Unlike competing products, One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner minimizes mess and waste with a thick, creamy formula that won’t drip or run.  It can be used on all colors of leather and will not strip the dye from black tack.  In addition, it does not contain silicones, waxes or petroleum distillates that can harm leather stitching.

      “One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner allows horse owners to spend less time in the barn cleaning and conditioning their tack and more time in the saddle riding,” added Barngrover.

      Introductory packaging includes a tack sponge to provide horse owners with everything they need to care for their tack in one bundle and participating retailers will have a $1.00 off coupon available at the shelf.  For a $5.00 rebate offer, visit the Horse Health™ Products website at – just buy one 15 fl. oz. jar of Horse Health™ One-Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner plus any two additional Horse Health™ products, excluding Horse Health™ Equine Ivermectin Paste 1.87%. 

 About Horse Health™ Products

For more than 35 years, horse owners all over the world have relied on Horse Health™ Products. The Horse Health™ brand began with Red Cell® supplement, the world’s leading liquid feed supplement for decades. Since then, Horse Health™ Products have been providing horse owners with quality products that get results at an honest price. Horse Health™ Products serve both the pleasure horse and performance horse markets with products for fly control, deworming, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound care, leather care and nutritional supplements. For information about Horse Health™ Products in the U.S. call toll free at (800) 234-2269 or visit  Be sure to join us on Facebook for tips and contests at and Twitter at


When horses are your life, Horse Health™ Products is your brand




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