RSNC World Series of Ranch Sorting

A new year is here and we are ready to Play Big! $300,000 BIG! RSNC has had tremendous growth and it is now time to dish out the rewards!

RSNC would like to introduce you to the World Series of Ranch Sorting with up to $300,000 in prize line for 2013! This will be a true qualification program to crown World Champions within the sport of ranch sorting. It will be done through RSNC sanctioned events all across the US and everyone can participate with prizes being awarded all along the way. The prize line includes $224,000 in saddles with 100 saddles at the state level, 10 more at the Regionals, and 2 at the National Finals in preliminary rounds.

This is in addition to an automatic qualification into the World Series Finals with Two 4-Star 3-horse slant load gooseneck trailers, 20 B&W hitch dominator receivers and nearly $50,000 in added cash. RSNC is proud of our members support and we intend to show it by heaping on the prize line to contestants at every level of competition.

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