The crowd at Rodeo Austin’s Wild West Show was buzzing with anticipation as The Lone Star Vaulters warmed up for their first show at this year’s event. Curious spectators watched in amazement as dancing horseback riders showcased the ancient art of Equestrian Vaulting.

As the performance began, the announcer gave the audience a history lesson about the daring spectacle held in the Wild West Show arena. Recognized as one of the seven equestrian disciplines, Equestrian Vaulting dates back as early as the Ancient Greeks and moves throughout history appearing again in Native American cultures.

The Lone Star Vaulters dazzled fairgoers by effortlessly moving on their sturdy horses and showing off grace and flexibility with handstands, aerial flips and stunning dismounts. They even performed a couple of tricks with up to three riders on one horse using each other to maintain their balance.

Once a National Vaulting Champion, founder and coach of the Lone Star Vaulters, Rosie Brown explains that Equestrian Vaulting, while strengthening the body and improving balance, also promotes a healthy self-confidence. Always emphasizing safety first, Brown encourages individuals to come take classes and experience Equestrian Vaulting first hand.

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