Tish Fappani Claims NRHA Non Pro Championship

Tish Fappani Claims NRHA Non Pro Championship

Melo and Willette Are NAAC Champs

Results from the 2010 NRHA / Markel Insurance Marketplace Sale

Friday’s competition at the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity & AdequanR North American Affiliate Championship (NAAC) Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma featured the $105,000 added 2010 CinchR/ NRHA Non Pro Futurity Finals. This championship event welcomed back 59 non pros to compete in a clean-slate format for more than $430,000 in cash and prizes, a variety of prizes from NRHA Corporate Partners and the coveted NRHA Futurity titles.

Tish Fappani of San Marcos, California piloted her gelding Litn Up Conquistador to a 221 to claim the Level 4 Non Pro Futurity championship by a decisive, 6.5-point margin. Fappani earned over $43,000 for the win aboard her gelding by NRHA Million Dollar Sire Conquistador Whiz and out of Aleena Starlight. In addition to over $43,000 in prize money, Fappani won the use of a Cimarron trophy trailer, Bob’s Custom Saddle, Montana Silversmiths trophy buckle, and a variety of gift certificates from NRHA Corporate Partners.

The reserve championship was awarded to Josiane Gauthier who marked a 214.5 aboard her father Francois Gauthier’s gelding Timber Finest (Boggies Timber Jack x Taris Finest). Gauthier is from Lucama, North Carolina and will take home over $33,000.

In the Level 3 Division, Veronica St-Onge piloted Chexy In Jewels to a score of 214 and the Futurity championship. The Bueno Chexinic mare out of Hot Hollywood Jewels is co-owned by Veronica and her husband Patrice St-Onge of Gainesville, Texas. St-Onge also placed third in the Level 4 Futurity, earning over $43,000 for their efforts.

Ryan Humphrey, Whitesboro, Texas, earned the Level 2 Non Pro Futurity championship and Level 1 Non Pro Futurity Reserve Championship after marking a 212.5 with Wimpys Golden Gunner. Humphrey earned over $13,500 on the Wimpys Little Step Mare owned by Dragoon Creek Quarter Horses of Whitesboro, Texas.

The Level 1 Non Pro Futurity championship was determined by a run-off score after Humphrey and Michael McGee tied in the finals with a 212.5. McGee and his stallion Baylite Bandit (Bay Starlite x Peppy Nancy Lena) won the run-off by a 4.5-point margin and took over $5,200 back to their home in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Charles Wiederholt and One Last Corona scored a 213 and the Prime Time Non Pro Futurity championship. Wiederholt’s mare is by NRHA Million Dollar Sire Magnum Chic Dream and out of Corona Nita.

The Youth Non Pro Futurity championship, determined by the go-round score, goes to Jaci Marley. The fifteen-year-old from Plainview, Texas marked a 214 aboard her mare Graceful Guns during the go-round. The pair also made the top ten of the Level 1 and 2 Non Pro Futurity, earning over $5,500.

Each year, NRHA recognizes the highest scoring first time exhibitor in the Non Pro go round with a championship buckle. In addition, the Non Pro rider’s trainer receives a check for $5,000. This year’s winner is Marley and her trainer NRHA Professional Josh Visser of Whitesboro, Texas. Melo and Willette Are NAAC Champs

Today, the AdequanR Championship Arena featured youth from throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico competing for titles in the Adequan NAAC. In the 13 & Under class Javier Melo from Pinecrest, Florida and his nine-year-old gelding Heza Bantie Rooster scored a 215.5 to win the affiliate championship. Melo his nine-year-old gelding represented the Southeast Region at the NAAC.

NRHyA President Jordan Willette of Prescott, Arizona, rode her seven-year-old gelding Whizin In The Dirt straight to the top of the Youth 14-18 affiliate championship with a score of 218. The duo also won the Youth 14-18 Southwest Regional Affiliate title on their way to the NAAC.

In the Adequan NAAC Team Championship presented by SmartPak standings, the South Central Region leads with 151.5 points, followed by the Northwest (133.5) and the Southeast (107.5).

Results from the 2010 NRHA / Markel Insurance Marketplace Sale

Gross Sales = $632,900

High Seller – Hip 2036 – $22,000 – Cute Chics Dig Me – 2009 Sorrel Colt – Smart Chic Olena x Roosters Cute Wilson by Gallo Del Cielo – Consigned by Vic Clark

Lot No Consignor Horse Price 2001 Vaughn Zimmerman Boomers Lady Kiper 6,000.00 2002 Matthew Hagee Big Chex Rose Bud 5,000.00 2003 Lance Griffin Lee San Chex 2,900.00 2004 Greg Gill – Brian Bell Agt Name Pending PO 2005 Rancho Oso Rio Rock N Roll CD 6,500.00 2006 out OUT 2007 Rancho Picante Quarter Horses Double Shot of Dunit PO 2008 Massimo Rudari First Diamondmax 8,000.00 2009 Matthew Hagee Chic In Lights 2,200.00 2010 Massimo Rudari Maxstep 4,000.00 2011 Bob Loomis Smart N Fritzy 6,000.00 2012 George Shifrin Once Upon A Whiz 5,200.00 2013 Peter DeFreitas Aint Easy Bein Me 5,500.00 2014 Joyce Chamberlain Custom Chexy 19,000.00 2015 Debbie Hubbert agt Name Pending PO 2016 Buck Hazledine Mr Conquistador Jac 3,100.00 2017 Buck Hazledine Electric Jolt 3,500.00 2018 Sheryl Kaefer – Gary Putman Agt Dun It In Color 15,000.00 2019 4 R Perf Horses – Todd Martin – agt A Revolutionary Whiz 2,400.00 2020 Vaughn Zimmerman Peppys Tricked Out 2,200.00 2021 Roxanne Peters Mity Easy 2,000.00 2022 Sterling Ranch Big Sky Nic 5,200.00 2023 Fingland Stables FS Lucky Starbuck 5,500.00 2024 Justin Zimmerman Turn the Boys Blue 2,000.00 2025 Bob Loomis Whizs Painted Gun 5,800.00 2026 Thomas Bolin Peppys Sugar Nic PO 2027 Burt & Faye Cox – Sunset Reiners Sweet Remi 4,700.00 2028 Chris Cannon Great Chex 6,500.00 2029 Dustin – Missi Van Meter Ima Chexy Cowgirl PO 2030 Equine Plus Rowdy Chic Alert 6,000.00 2031 Burt & Faye Cox – Sunset Reiners Cromes Special Lady PO 2032 John Lloyd Shipwreck Sailor 4,700.00 2033 out OUT 2034 Massimo Rudari Whos That Max 4,500.00 2035 Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Inc By The Grace of Chic 2,200.00 2036 Vic Clark Cute Chics Dig Me 22,000.00 2037 Vaughn Zimmerman Oak Toy 1,000.00 2038 Lorenzo Lotti Rush Hour Nic 13,000.00 2039 Lorenzo Lotti Spookabella 9,500.00 2040 Lorenzo Lotti Cashing Big Chexs 7,500.00 2041 BiTerra Quarter Horses, LLC Dudette Whiz 3,000.00 2042 John Lloyd Sanjo Hickory Chic 1,200.00 2043 Another Day Ranch Steppin with Class PO 2044 Burt & Faye Cox – Sunset Reiners Chics Dig Playboys 3,300.00 2045 Sheryl Kaefer – Gary Putman Agt Scats Ebony Shiner PO 2046 S Taylor Parsons – TP Farms Rowdys Senorita 3,500.00 2047 Marcelo “Jake” Strang Name Pending PO 2048 Rhodes River Ranch Hes A Skeet Shooter 1,800.00 2049 The South Farm Shiney Rosebud 5,000.00 2050 Bell Ranch Name Pending PO 2051 S Taylor Parsons – TP Farms Nu Six Shooter 1,600.00 2052 William – Corliss Kellogg Skeeter Rae Lena PO 2053 Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Inc Hot Rod Whiz 4,200.00 2054 Jan Smith Dukes Vintage Chic 3,000.00 2055 Timothy Long Walla Walla Wu 13,000.00 2056 Bob Loomis Achy Braky Me 6,200.00 2057 Gary & Nancy Martin Smart Talking Nikki PO 2058 out OUT 2059 Rancho Oso Rio West Coast Warbonnet 2,000.00 2060 K Bar K Quarter Horses Dealn Three ofa Kind 4,400.00 2061 D & K Yocum Sparkled Crome PO 2062 Cinder Lakes Ranch LLC Starstruck Nic 8,500.00 2063 Stephen Nelson Starlights and Wimpy 3,700.00 2064 Vaughn Zimmerman Starlites Miss Skeet 2,400.00 2065 Vaughn Zimmerman Starlites Miss Peppy 2,400.00 2066 Lance Griffin Stellas Last Tag 2,000.00 2067 Double PR Ranch Lil More Sugar 4,200.00 2068 William Rhoads, DVM Name Pending 2,300.00 2069 Lorenzo Lotti Nicked On the Bud 6,500.00 2070 Lorenzo Lotti Genuine Red Wine 14,500.00 2071 Lyle Visser Tappin with Jac 5,000.00 2072 Fingland Stables FS Taris Revenge PO 2073 John Lloyd This Ones Cuttin It 10,000.00 2074 J Emerson Sig Chex 15,700.00 2075 Kole Strayhorn Wimpys Alittlestepper 8,700.00 2076 John Lloyd This Ones A Hickory 3,500.00 2077 Bob Loomis Sail On West Coast 3,700.00 2078 Bob Loomis West Coast Sailing 3,200.00 2079 John Lloyd Cee Midnight Sail 3,800.00 2080 John Conely Jerrys Taxes Are Due 4,700.00 2081 Duane Whitehouse – Gary Putman agt Great Lil Einstein 4,900.00 2082 S Taylo Parsons – TP Farms Big Amarilla Taffy 5,200.00 2083 Tim Lynch Rafter 105 1,500.00 2084 John Lloyd Undeniably A Chic 5,500.00 2085 Donna Morgan Far to Chic 5,200.00 2086 Donna Morgan No Chics For Me 3,200.00 2087 Todd Marler Jo Know Shes A Wimpy 4,300.00 2088 Rancho Picante Quarter Horses Gotta West Coast Gun 5,300.00 2089 Ronnie Fox Joker So Great PO 2090 Troop Quarter Horses – B Bell agt Lady Little Step 9,000.00 2091 Dail Bainbridge Pistol Packin Whiz 4,500.00 2092 Todd Marler Wimpys Whizard 2,600.00 2093 Burt & Faye Cox – Sunset Reiners Nic It Shiney 5,600.00 2094 Todd Marler Famous Little Wimpy 3,700.00 2095 Duane Whitehouse – Gary Putman agt Starlight and Chex PO 2096 KC Performance Horses Stepnout In Montana PO 2097 Another Day Ranch Gunners Wish 6,500.00 2098 Cinder Lakes Ranch Dun Up In Revlon 9,500.00 2099 Linda Hamilton Dunnit with Cash 3,500.00 2100 Bob & Linda Hamilton Wright On Hollywood 3,500.00 2101 KC Performance Horses Boom Montana 3,500.00 2102 Rancho Picante Quarter Horses Shined Up N Rowdy PO 2103 Nicole Harguth Electralux 1,800.00 2104 John Lloyd Sail On Chic 900.00 2105 Susanne Guldi Wimpinator 15,000.00 2106 Another Day Ranch Chics San Guns PO 2107 Mary Jo Grieff Sandys Little Step PO 2108 Lorenzo Lotti Italian Revolution 9,500.00 2109 Buck Hazledine Electric Benz 1,900.00 2110 Doubl Run Farm Chick N Peppy 1,600.00 2111 Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Pinecrome 10,000.00 2112 John Lloyd Hick Chic 3,700.00 2113 Peggy Lovejoy Double Coquette 1,000.00 2114 out OUT 2115 Steve Simon Custom Walla Whiz 13,000.00 2116 William Rhoads, DVM Name Pending 6,000.00 2117 out OUT 2118 out OUT 2119 Cinder Lakes Ranch Docs Lil Bud 1,900.00 2120 John Conely Pistols Turbo Tax PO 2121 Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Custom Bright Star 5,000.00 2122 Sterling Ranch Fri Dee Nite Spook PO 2123 out OUT 2124 Burt & Faye Cox – Sunset Reiners Peppy Mint Sweet 4,200.00 2125 Sterling Ranch Stevee Nic PO 2126 Bob & Linda Hamilton Starstruck Cowgirl 6,000.00 2127 Bob & Linda Hamilton Dunnits Revolution 2,400.00 2128 Shelby McGuffin – Brian Bell Agt Miss Dual Smartee PO 2129 Sterling Ranch Top Class Spook 4,000.00 2130 Rebecca Masker Wired Dandy 500.00 2131 4 R Performance Horses – Todd Martin agt Got No Freckles 1,200.00 2132 Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Holly Bars Babe 3,500.00 2133 Bob & Linda Hamilton Dunnitthewrightway 6,000.00 2134 Vision Quest Reiners Shiney Gold Chex 4,000.00 2135 Lance Griffin Big Rig Tag 8,200.00 2136 Debora Dryden Gunners Chexmix PO 2137 Debbie Hubbert Name Pending PO 2138 Buck Hazledine West Coast Vaquero 6,600.00 2139 Cache Performance Horses LLC Conchicador 5,100.00 2140 Out West Stallion Station Easy Reloaded 4,000.00 2141 Jan Smith Catalyst King PO 2142 Double PR Ranch Scootin Lil Gun 2,500.00 2143 Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Inc Smart Anna Olena 5,800.00 2144 Rhodes River Ranch Revolving Beauty 5,500.00 2145 Tommy & Regina Brown Pistols Slidin Angel 3,000.00 2146 Mark Miller Justa Lil Chic 2,100.00 2147 LaKuka Ranch Spook Jetta Lady 2,200.00 2148 S Taylor Parsons – TP Farms Heckuva Joker 2,300.00 2149 The South Farm Name Pending 16,000.00 2150 Vaughn Zimmerman Miss Taffy Doc 11,500.00 2151 S Taylor Parsons – TP Farms Cinderellas Midnight 3,200.00 2152 Jan Smith Having Dun All Wrong 2,000.00 2153 KC Performance Horses Lenas Smart Nic 7,200.00

The NRHA would like to thank the following corporate partners for their support of the 2010 NRHA Futurity & AdequanR North American Affiliate Championship Show: AdequanR; Arenus, Bob’s Custom Saddles, Cimarron Trailers; Cinder Lakes Ranch and Reproduction Center; Classic Equine; Horse&Rider; John Deere; Kiser Arena Specialists; Markel Insurance Company; MD Barns; Montana Silversmiths; Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau; Pard’s Western Shop; Platinum Performance; Purina Mills; Quarter Horse News; Rios of Mercedes / Anderson Bean Boot Company; Rocky Mountain Clothing Co.; SmartPak, and Wimpys Little Step.

Incorporated in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association is the standard setting body of the sport of Reining. NRHA, with their International Headquarters in Oklahoma City, is responsible for promoting the sport of Reining and working to ensure the highest standards of competition.

For more information on the NRHA, or the sport of Reining, please visit nrha.com or call (405) 946-7400.