Evie Tumlin Named USDF Region 9 2010 Horse Person of the Year


Bruce Lawrie Photo

                 Evie has been a member of USDF for over 30 years, having attended almost as many conventions, and representing the region as a delegate for a lot of those years. Actively involved in regional business for 20 + years, she has served on the regional board, and a member of a national council / committee for about 15 years. Serving on both the Freestyle / Quadrille, Instructor/ Trainer Councils, and presently on the Adult Education Committee.

            She founded Mississippi D & CT… now Mississippi Eventing & Dressage Association, and has served on the board since its inception.  Her goal is to bring the benefits of dressage to every outreach of Mississippi, encouraging comradeship, love for the sport, and the horse.

            She reaches out to adult amateurs, children, and pony clubbers. The benefit they gain from her patience, and knowledge follows them the rest of their lives. It is live changing for the many she teaches.

            Evie organizes, and holds schooling shows, recognized shows, and camps, first from Greenwood, now from Oxford.  She has supported Southwest Dressage Championships, and promoted pony classes, and attracted a sizeable portion of Welsh Pony people to the world of dressage.

            She volunteers her time and energy at other shows, including several of the the Region 9 Championship Shows. She Is an USDF “L Grad”, since the early 90’s. She has been awarded her USDF Bronze & Silver Medal, and won one of the first USDF GMO Volunteer of the Year awards. 

            Her hard work and dedication, along with a positive attitude is an inspiration to all, and has reached many thru her tireless pursuit of dressage instruction.

            She continues to be active in her GMO, region and nationally… and we don’t think she will slow down, and help in keeping us all on the right track.