Three talented professionals stand ready to answer health questions on their live on-air radio show

 Several years ago, two well-respected physicians decided to get off the HMO treadmill and spend more time with their patients. They established Executive Medicine of Texas, a practice that is devoted to prevention and proactive health. Patients have been known to fly in from all over the globe to see them. Not satisfied with offering top rate healthcare and feeling they needed to do even more, they decided to do something that would benefit everyone and Dr. Mark Anderson, Dr. Walter Gaman and Judith K. Gaman co-authored Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health (George House Publishing) – the first-ever health journal of its kind that provides a step-by-step program to get your health back on track and add years to your life!

The medical and scientific research reported by the authors of this one-of-a-kind health and wellness book, proves that high levels of health definitely can be attained, and maintained, with the right combination of a good plan, goals, awareness, and attitude – showing that it is possible to extend youthful health as the body ages, despite damage already done by stressful jobs, personal turmoil and bad habits.

The success of their practice at Executive Medicine of Texas, and the book Stay Young, has brought them to yet another exciting venture. Starting September 5th they will give sound advice on health and wellness and interview world-class guests on their new radio show Staying Young. The show will air on KSKY 660am which reaches Texas, Oklahoma and some of Arkansas (92.9 FM Dallas, 95.5 FM Arlington, and 99.9 Fort Worth). The hosts will also look at syndication opportunities in other markets.

The practice, book and show all seem to be extremely timely, given the current political climate surrounding healthcare. With the media focusing on cost rather than the inevitable rationing of care that will come with government-run programs, it is imperative that people become proactive in making lifestyle changes to live a healthier life. Nowadays, with people trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible between families and jobs, prevention is rarely mentioned in all the hype over healthcare, yet it is essential to a long life. In their book Stay Young, there are cost-effective ways to improve health and energy levels, help corporations reduce healthcare expenditures by reducing disease in employees, and provide simple yet concise information on how to get healthy. By creating a baseline that is determined by many factors, including family history and daily habits, they are able to offer suggestions on modifying eating habits, reducing stress, increasing exercise and getting enough sleep. Along with this, they also offer tips to improve libido and encourage readers to increase the level of intimacy with their partner – since all these things are equally essential for good health.

The impressive credentials of these individuals read like a ‘who’s who’ in medicine and health science, authenticating their well-researched book and soon to be radio show. Dr. Anderson is Board Certified in Family Medicine and often appears in the media as an expert on proactive health and wellness; Dr. Gaman is Board Certified in Family Practice, is also heard as an expert in the media, was named one of America’s Top Family Doctors by the Consumer Research Council of America, and was also named one of their ‘healthcare heroes’ by The Fort Worth Business Press. Both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gaman have been named ‘Best Doctors in Dallas’ by D Magazine and ‘Best Doctors in Texas’ by Newsweek Magazine 2010. Judy Gaman is an award-winning, published author and has been entertaining and educating audiences for years. She has a degree in health sciences, with a concentration in clinical research administration, from the prestigious George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences.