Take a look at our New Parelli Saddle – The Cruiser!

The NEW Parelli Cruiser Saddle!

“If you are like me, you started riding horses later in life and were initially exposed to the English world. You probably also started riding in a dressage saddle. I did and I still have very fond memories of that journey. But then along came Pat Parelli and all that changed! So, throughout the years I have tried many saddles, and enjoyed the added security that a western saddle offered. But I still wasn’t over the moon…it still didn’t feel like me!

Lucky for me, along came the opportunity to ride a prototype of the NEW Cruiser Saddle! It is a total Hybrid of English/Western… for me it’s the best of both worlds! Comfort for me and my horse, a secure (and comfy) seat for me, my knees have a home again and a glorious English girth! Add to that how light it is and I’m over the moon! Counting down the days until the one I have ordered arrives!” — Sue Shoemark BIG GREEN BALL

The Green Ball is a fabulous play-tool to help build your horse’s confidence while encouraging curiosity and focus. Horse lovers cannot resits this wonderful training “toy!” It’s big, it’s fun, its purpose is purely to inspire creativity! Train with it – play with it – have FUN with it!

And now the Big Green Ball can be yours at an incredible low price of $49.00USD. Click below to get yours!

Tony Robbins now featured on NBC.com

Since featuring Tony Robbins’ BREAKTHROUGH program several weeks ago, there have been some changes at NBC. Pat and Linda just wanted to keep you in the loop! BREAKTHROUGH is now featured on NBC.com, so not only can you watch all the episodes online, you also have access to more video clips, interviews and cut scenes!

Join us at the First International

This incredible conference gives Savvy Club members the opportunity to participate and be active at an official Parelli Event. Located at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center activities will include presentations from the competition world as well as instructor presentations, Spotlights for SC members, local retailers, SC member group booths, Humane Society and local rescue booths, nightly campfires and food! Join us for this exciting Parelli Horse Fair! www.parelli.com.

Pat Parelli to appear at the World Equestrian Games

Pat Parelli will be among the entertainers that are part of the Alltech World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky this year. The Games are the world championships of eight equestrian disciplines recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). The Games are held every four years and this will be the first occurrence in the United States. The eight disciplines include dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, jumping, para dressage, reining. and vaulting.

“Tell everyone they need to bring two pairs of socks,” Parelli said to those who plan to come to the Equine Village, “because we’re going to blow the first pair off.”

Parelli Partnership in Denmark

Marianne in Denmark, along with a couple of friends that are horse trainers, decided to put their horsemanship and partnership to the test! Here’s what she has to say: “This video was made during a Parelli playday, with the Parelli partnership request from ParelliTube in mind. We took a different approach – could the partnership with our horses be more than just one on one, and could the horses be used for everyday tasks? We tried moving a barrel, cleaning up after a friends horse on a trailer, doing an obstacle course together, and trailer loading at liberty! We had a blast…” Keeping it natural in Denmark!

Steve and Jo- So who’s the teacher?

ParelliSavvyClub member Steve Miller from the UK sent us this great horse training video. Steve has been a student of Parelli Horse Training for around 6 years. His horse, Jo, is a Left Brain Introvert, and she taught Steve to feel, not just to think. Steve calls Jo, “My partner and patient teacher.” Way to go, Steve and Jo!