Rodeo Austin has been selected as a finalist in the Environment category for the green initiatives undertaken during the 2010 Fair & Rodeo in March. The non-profit recycled a total of 62 tons of waste during the 16 day event and successfully converted 120,000 pounds of livestock waste into organic compost with the help of Organics By Gosh. To encourage the nearly 300,000 fairgoers to recycle, Rodeo Austin also partnered with Allied Waste to create a recycling program which resulted in saving 42 trees, 927 gallons of oil and 17,080 gallons of water. Throughout the year, green efforts are maintained at the corporate headquarters with the help of Austin Energy’s GreenChoiceR Program. Since 2005, Rodeo Austin has powered its facilities with clean energy from natural sources like wind and sun – an effort which has prevented 85 tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

The organization is privileged to be in the company of representatives from this year’s finalists including Austin Energy, H-E-B and GSD&M Idea City, and congratulates all 2010 finalists on their outstanding achievements.