Cowboy Dressage fall Texas clinics

Cowboy Dressage “When Dressage Suites Your Needs But a Stetson Fits Your Life Style”

 Jack Brainard and Eitan Beth-Halachmy are teaching their first joint Cowboy Dressage clinic in Gainesville, Texas. This will be a wonderful event taught by two masters in horsemanship! Both events will be held at a local private facility in Gainesville, Texas. Jack Brainard will teach the morning session and Eitan Beth-Halachmy will teach the afternoon session. We will limit the number of riders to 10. The rider fee is $1875 and is non refundable. Payment in full will be required to reserve your rider spot. Please note, the clinic will be held with one clinician if the other is not able to teach due to unforeseen circumstances. There will be no refunds.

Bring your most advanced horse. This clinic is for learning the basics of Cowboy Dressage/Advanced Horsemanship and is not a problem horse clinic.

Exciting News!!!!! We are making plans to have a introductory Cowboy/Western Dressage show on the afternoon of the last day (Sunday) of the clinic. Both Jack and Eitan will be present while we ride the tests to give their individual feedback and answer questions. We will use the current tests as approved by the USEF. We ale also making plans to have a Dressage judge to participate as well!

Great progress has been made recently on Cowboy/Western Dressage classes. The link below has great articles on Western Dressage and there are several links at the bottom of this page that have the judging rules for the classes as well as the tests.

There are lots of new clips of Eitan on YouTube . If you want to see what Cowboy/Western Dressage looks like you can go to Eitan’s website at the link listed below. This is the page where you can look at the video clips of Eitan’s two DVDs. The first set of 3 clips is from his newest DVD – Cowboy Dressage-Poetry in Motion. Below that are 6 clips from Cowboy Dressage – Dances with Cows. That DVD is mostly demonstration and is very inspirational and answers lots of questions of what Cowboy Dressage, done correctly, is and is not.

Eitan and Cowboy Dressage will be at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY this fall. Eitan will teach a Cowboy Dressage clinic every day of the games as well as ride in the opening ceremonies! Congratulations Eitan!

When The two clinic dates are: Wednesday-Sunday, October 20,24, 2010 & Wednesday-Sunday, November 3-7, 2010

The clinic will start at 9:00am. As we have it now, Jack Brainard will teach from 9-12. We will break for lunch at 12 Eitan Beth-Halachmy will teach the afternoon session from 1:30 to 4:30

Location The clinic will be held at a private facility in Gainesville, Texas. (Very close to Whitesboro) Address: 627 CR 147 Gainesville, TX 76240

This is a first class facility! Large covered arena with plenty of room for auditors and parking.

Stalls are $20 per night including shavings. Riders will be responsible for cleaning their own stalls and feeding. Contact Bonnie Glasgow 214-707-1873 with stall reservations.

12 months Negative Coggins is required.

Auditors 1 Auditor is included with each rider position. Auditors are welcome! Any auditor can audit for ½ day free Auditor fees are $25 per day or $100 for all 5 days

RV Parks Hwy 82 RV Park 11667 E Hwy 82 903-564-3930

Sunshine Farm RV Park 903-564-9215 or 903-818-0745 – cell 33912 Hwy 82 Whitesboro, TX 76273 Just West of Hwy 377 & Hwy 82

Hotels Victorian Inns 903-564-5662 1013 Hwy 82 West Whitesboro, TX 76273 Newish motel

Whitesboro Inn & Suites 903-564-7464 31434 Hyw 82 East Whitesboro, TX 76273 Brand new motel

Americas Best Value Inn 3019 Highway 82 East Gainesville, TX 76240

12 Oaks Inn 940-665-3582 1700 N Interstate 35 Gainesville, TX 76240 This motel is at the intersection of I35 and Hwy 82 in Gainesville

Feed Stores Ranchland Feed & Tack 940-612-1210 3707 E Highway 82 Gainesville, TX 76240

Dennards Farm supply 903-564-3386 541 US Hwy 377 North Whitesboro, TX 76273

Additional information Bonnie Glasgow 10,000 Wilson Road Pilot Point, TX 76258 214-707-1873

Come join us, bring your friends and see what the excitement is all about!

WHAT IS COWBOY DRESSAGE? Eitan Beth-Halachmy “Cowboy Dressage, as the name implies, is a combination of the best of both worlds: Traditional western and classical horsemanship. Each discipline of horsemanship is time honored and recognized on it’s own. When you combine the philosophy and practice of each and add music, you create art. Art is what Cowboy Dressage is all about: a medium of self-expression through the freedom of pure horsemanship.” It is so hard to explain what Cowboy Dressage is. It is so many different things to so many different people. Perhaps it is a way of not just combining two distinct disciplines but even more importantly “uniting” them. Good horsemanship, it’s principles, practices and teachings do not belong to just one discipline, it belongs to all disciplines, all breeds, all equestrians. Dressage and it’s development through history is a gift to all equestrians, to be shared by all and to be learned by all. It is not about the saddle, it is about you and your horse. The partnership, the friendship and the commitment. Pure and simple. Dressage to a horse and rider are like the blue prints to an engineer who must build a bridge. You must know the fundamentals of building in order to create a structure of durability, strength and ability. Dressage is the hub of the wheel and from there come the spokes which are the understanding of form, movement and balance. The “Cowboy” part of Cowboy Dressage…..that is my own personal dream. That lifestyle and it’s code is where my heart lies. As a kid in the movie theaters I was swept way by the romance and hardship of it all. And the horses, every day was filled with horses. In those days your lives truly depended on each other. A partnership could mean life or death to one or the other. I have had the pleasure and honor to visit and participate on some real working ranches in Wyoming. That partnership between horse and cowboy is as true today as it was a 100 years ago. That truth brought me to this country and it has had a hold on me ever since. Cowboy Dressage for me is a belief in a life style and a discipline. It is an open door to knowledge and growth on two fronts. There are no rules, there are no judgments, there are no tests. Just you and your horse, your conscience and quests. It is about the partnership and how I arrive at mine with my horse.

Cowboy Dressage Movements are beautiful and the envy of any knowledgeable horseman. “Dressage is my discipline…. the Cowboy is my freedom.” Cowboy Dressage…”When dressage suits your needs, but a Stetson suits your lifestyle.”

Bonnie Glasgow Jack Brainard Advanced Horsemanship 214-707-1873