Hoof Trimming Seminar


Ove Lind is well known in Sweden for his simple to learn hoof trimming program. He works with both farriers, and horse owners who want to do their own trimming. He gets excellent results rehabilitating equine feet. His website is: www.SwedishHoofSchool.com . This seminar is “hands on”. You will have 3 feet (no longer connected to the horse), to trim under Ove’s direction in the classroom. You will learn how to trim a horse’s foot properly, and Ove will be able to show you what you are doing correctly or incorrectly.

This class is limited to 8 students per day, and will be held on Sunday Sept 5, 2010 starting at 9 am.

It will be repeated for 8 more students on Monday, Sept. 6 again at 9am. Cost of this class will be $235. Ove will also be teaching his two day theory of hoof trimming class at The Whole Horse Center for Equine Care and Education on September 3 and 4, 2010. Cost of this two day class is $200 per person. This class will start at 9 am each day. This Seminar will teach you to evaluate your horse’s hooves and understand what needs to be done to help him grow a healthier hoof. You will learn how feeding, digestion, environment and hoof care affects the feet. He has an excellent power point presentation showing the horse’s hoof mechanics.

Don’t miss this chance to spend time with Ove Lind, he is rarely in the United States.

Ove Lind Seminar on October 17-18 Cost is $150, please contact The Whole Horse Clinic at 512-396-2234.