JB No Chew; Stops Horses, Livestock, and Other Animals from Chewing

Durvet, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now a national distributor for JB No Chew. JB No Chew is a chewing deterrent developed by a rancher and cutting horse man named John Baldwin. John bought a ranch from a prominent Houston physician. The property has rolling pastures with huge 100 year oaks scattered throughout. John moved his stock to the ranch and as time passed, his horses began to destroy the beautiful 100 year old oak trees. John was soon losing trees at an alarming rate. He tried every product at his disposal to no avail.

JB No Chew was developed out of necessity: a need to save, heal and protect these precious trees. This new product not only had to save, heal and protect, but it also had to stand up to nature’s elements. John went to work on research and development. Through John’s determination, a new product was invented. JB No Chew’s UV ray and water resistant properties allow it to provide long lasting protection when exposed to nature’s elements. JB No Chew’s high bonding strengths and elastomeric properties allow it to adhere to a variety of surfaces while remaining functional. JB No Chew has been used to protect healthy and wounded trees, fencing, pipes, electrical wiring and a vast variety of other property.

This product worked so well on his own trees, that word soon got out. Friends and neighbors alike were clamoring for John’s new solution for the age old problem of “CHEWING.” John soon had to produce it on a larger scale to meet the growing demand. The demand for JB No Chew soon became more time consuming than John’s construction business would allow. John knew JB No Chew could help so many people and horses if proper time and efforts could be afforded, so he sold JB No Chew to the family of KernAg.

JB No Chew had a phenomenal reputation as a chew deterrent with consistent but limited sales. JB No Chew had never been advertised, not even in the local papers. KernAg has launched a nationwide ad campaign targeting the equine industry through television, print, and web media.

The JB No Chew commercial currently airs during the television shows “Equestrian Nation” and “Cowboy Flavor” on the television station RFD TV. “Equestrian Nation” is the number one equine based show on RFDTV and is hosted by six time NFR All Around Champion and rodeo legend, Larry Mahan. There will be a full segment airing late March to early April introducing the product on “Equestrian Nation.” The segment was shot on location in Las Vegas during the NFR with, long time friends, Larry Mahan and John Baldwin. This segment will take viewers from JB No Chew’s conception to its application. Regular commercial airings on “Equestrian Nation” and “Cowboy Flavor” run throughout the week on Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The commercial can be seen in its entirety at www.jbnochew.com by simply clicking on the RFD TV logo on the lower left side of the home page..

Look for JB No Chew in stores that carry the Durvet family of products! For a complete list of Durvet distributors go to www.Durvet.com