Trail Blazing for Thoroughbreds’ Second Careers

  • Trail Blazing for Thoroughbreds’ Second Careers

Together, the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center, the Equine Land Conservation Resource, and the Central Kentucky Back Country Horsemen are developing a trail training course at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center in the Kentucky Horse Park over which off-the track thoroughbreds can be re-schooled. The new training course will include wooded trails, natural obstacles, and stream crossings.

The first Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center Trail Blazer Day will be Saturday, August 29, beginning at ten o’clock a.m. at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center in the Kentucky Horse Park. Volunteers are needed for trail clearing, limb lopping, and garbage removal. Tools will be provided or you can bring your own. Trail volunteers are encouraged to bring gloves, sunscreen, bug spray, wear long pants and shirt sleeves.

Opened in 2004, the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center is operated by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. The Center is home to 10-15 thoroughbreds ready for retraining and adoption. The addition of a trail training course adds diversity to the training facility and improves the re-education opportunity for the horses.

Central Kentucky Back Country Horsemen, formed in 2007, is a service organization that is providing volunteers and their “tool trailer” for the event. CKyBCH advocates for horse use on public lands, promotes Leave No Trace land stewardship principles, and through its members, participates in sustainable trail building and maintenance projects.

“We are very pleased to be working with Marker’s Mark Secretariat Center and Central Kentucky Back Country Horsemen on this project,” said ELCR CEO, Deb Balliet. “The Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center is a wonderful facility and the addition of this trail training course will help develop the retired thoroughbreds to be more well-rounded horses ready for sport horse competition or as a pleasure horse.”

If you would like to volunteer, contact Susanna Thomas at 859-246-3080.

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